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Surfing in Bamburgh is a real joy. It’s one of the most consistent and picturesque breaks in the Northumberland coastline with it’s white sand and Castle backdrop.

Bamburgh beach is well known for surfing whether you’re an absolute beginner or have advanced skills and for this reason, there are several surf schools operating from the North end of the beach during the spring, summer and autumn months. They tend to meet in or near to the North Car Park along The Wynding (contact details to follow).

From the North Car Park, there's a short walk down through the dunes to the beach. It is suitable for all abilities due to the gradual shallow gradient of the sand making it fun for all. At the North end of the beach there is a rocky outcrop which can provide good lefts in a northerly swell. 

You can check surf forecasts for Bamburgh on Magic Seaweed

In bigger surf conditions rips can occur on this beach, so having good knowledge of what to do if you get caught in a rip is advised. There is lots of good advice here on the RNLI Website

Please always consider your own safety and those of others before getting in the water and if you get into difficulty or spot someone in difficulty, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.