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Whether you are serious road-cyclist covering hundreds of miles or a family seeking a car-free day out on your bikes, there are plenty of options from Bamburgh.

Bamburgh, more than any other village on the coast, has a wide network of quiet roads which are perfect for exploring by bike:

  • Head south on Ingram Lane towards North Sunderland where a network of quiet lanes opens up.
  • Follow National Cycle Network Route 1 (NCN1) South-east out of the village towards Glororum – There is a range of routes on quiet lanes around the hamlets of Spindlestone and Bradford
  • For the more adventurous with a mountain bike, cycle along NCN1 to Belford where there is an off road route through the Kyloe Woods which takes in the famous St. Cuthbert’s Cave – This route is included in a map produced by the AONB Partnership which can be bought from here ( or tourist information centres

More information about cycling on the coast can be found here (

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