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Consultation Draft - Comments please to BPC for next meeting 19/1/21

BamburghCACA_Consultation Draft-min.pdf

Following notes may be helpful:

Bamburgh was designated a Conservation Area in 1972 - conservation area status helps to safeguard the historic character of the central part of our beautiful village.

During the process of developing the North Northumberland Neighbourhood Plan in 2017 it became apparent that we did not have a Conservation Area Character Appraisal due to the age of our designation. With help from Northumberland County Council we were able to commission the North of England Civic Trust to carry out an independent appraisal of our conservation area.

The main aim of a Character Area Appraisal is to widen appreciation of the village's special interest, raise awareness of why this part of the village is a conservation area, and provide an evidence base for managing change. The Appraisal sets out the history and development of the village and how each phase of its development has contributed to the character and appearance of the Conservation Area. It includes a description of the form and function of key buildings, the style and architectural detailing of the main historic periods.

By setting out clearly those elements which contribute to the significance of the Conservation Area, it provides guidance and an evidence base which will help Local Plan policies be developed and implemented, and planning applications determined. 

We would welcome your comments on the accuracy of the appraisal and guidance. Once we, as the community, approve the content then the document needs to be ratified by Northumberland County Council so that it can used as planning guidance.

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